Custom Upholstery Brooklyn

Custom Upholstery Brooklyn

Consider the benefits of custom upholstery in Brooklyn from Sofa Surgery. Our experts can save you a significant amount of money versus the cost of replacing your existing furniture. If you love the way your furniture has served you over the years but are tired of looking at the same, old fabric or are thinking about covering up damaged fabric or an out-dated pattern, give us a call to discuss options on new custom upholstery.

Count the Advantages

  1. It will take you at least two hands to count the benefits of reupholstering your furniture. Top on the list for most of our clients at Sofa Surgery is the cost savings of not having to purchase new furniture. For a small fraction of the cost of making a new purchase, you can enjoy a great new look or restore an original look just by calling us and letting us take care of recovering your furnishings.

  2. Preserving value is another terrific reason to call us for custom upholstery in Brooklyn. If you own well-constructed furniture, chances are you or someone in your family made a significant investment during the time of its purchase. Recovering old fabric is the best way to protect the investment or prepare the item for resale.

  3. Relocating to a new house or apartment with a very different style of decor can make furnishings stick out or look out of place. Affordable custom upholstery in Brooklyn can acclimate old items into new spaces when you trust us with your furniture.

  4. You can do your part to reduce the amount of refuse piling up in the local landfill by opting to restore existing furniture. Custom upholstery from Brooklyn area’s most reputable furniture restoration company, Sofa Surgery, can make it seem like you’ve acquired all new furniture at a very affordable cost.

Call Sofa Surgery For Repairs and Reupholstery

We can save you thousands of dollars compared with the costs of replacing your furniture with new items- but custom upholstery in Brooklyn is not all we do.

Our team of professional furniture assemblers and disassemblers receive phone calls from clients across the greater Brooklyn area who are working out logistics issues of relocating from one apartment to another or from a house to an apartment. If you’re unable to fit a sofa through a doorway, are having trouble determining whether a piece of furniture will go around a bend or are dealing with a similar problem, give us a call and we can help.

Call Us First

Make your first call to Sofa Surgery for affordable solutions in furniture moving, assembly and disassembly, repairs, and custom upholstery. We have the right solution for your budget, whether residential or commercial. Don’t hesitate to call us for your custom recovering needs, to discuss your project with a professional, or to check our rates. See our online photo gallery for examples of our work- we’re available to answer your call 24 hours a day.

Custom Upholstery Brooklyn
Sofa Surgery
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