Furniture Repair Philadelphia

Furniture Repair Philadelphia

Are you thinking about replacing a piece of furniture that has been in your family for a long time or has served you well through the years? Torn upholstery or compromised springs can make a great piece of furniture seem like a nuisance when in fact, all it needs is a simple repair or refurbishing.

Our team of experts from Sofa Surgery can breathe new life into a once-beloved sofa, easy chair, or another piece of furniture you may not have enjoyed using for some time due to damage of appearance. Give us a call to discover just how affordable furniture repair in Philadelphia can be.

Save Big on a Brand New Look

Many of our clients ask us whether we can restore their worn-out furniture to its original beauty, and in many cases, we can do just that. Our affordable reupholstery service makes it easy to cover up damaged or worn out fabric that many years of use has compromised.

Other clients are looking for a whole new look- and we can offer that type of service as well. Feel free to give us a call to speak with our upholstery specialists about your ideas, and we’ll make recommendations and provide professional advice concerning reupholstery.

Why a Repair May Be the Better Option

If you own expensive furniture or furnishings that were manufactured in generations past, there’s every reason to call in an expert for a repair rather than consider replacement of the items. Sturdy, quality construction is by and large a thing of the past. All too often, furniture owners who purchase a replacement for worn-out furniture take a big step down in quality over what they are trying to replace.

An affordable repair is almost always the better option when deciding whether to repair or replace. Restoring a beautiful old piece of furniture can preserve the investment you or a family member made when the piece was originally purchased. With minimal costs over time, small repairs here and there can ensure heirloom pieces can be passed down through the generations.

Why Call Us For Your Furniture Repair in Philadelphia?

We do it all, from restoring, repairing, and reupholstering furniture to disassembly and reassembly of furniture for relocations from one apartment to another in the city. If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to move furniture or have taken measurements and found that your furniture won’t fit through a doorway, down a hallway, or around a bend- call our pros.

Our primary goal is to exceed your expectations while saving you money on the costs of your furniture repairs. Years of training in the field have given us the skills and experience to provide exceptional service to the greater Philadelphia area. We recommend making a phone call to us before you decide to throw away your worn-out or out-of-vogue furniture. We can do amazing things with upholstery, fabric, foam, inserts, and creativity. Best of all, we can make it possible to fall in love with your old furniture a second time.

Furniture Repair Philadelphia
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